High Shine is your custom view into a world of Polish. Polished Nails. Polished Life. We manage the market research, you manage the multiple compliments.

What is High Shine Club?

High Shine Club is your Concierge for Beauty and a leading discovery commerce offering.

As a part of living a beautiful life, a flawless manicure is a must. It is the icing on the cake, the ribbon on a package. It’s the little details that add the finishing touch to a polished lifestyle.

Whether you are on a college budget, or a corporate executive – a manicure and a pedicure is non-negotiable. It is the most inexpensive and effective way to present a refined look to the world.

High Shine is the authority on the polish – nail polish and a polished lifestyle. Look forward to articles on both.

High Shine’s Club is a monthly subscription of nail polish trends. The HS team will do the research on the seasons trends, and gift you with the hottest color, in our favorite top brands. With two price tiers and two trend levels, you will be polished; fingers to toes.

Our Team

We are headquartered in Charleston, SC and launched in April 2014. Our Team consists of a Fashion Designer, an Artist, and Trend Advisors.


No stranger to kicking a** and taking names, Becky Howard is the Chief Shine Officer of High Shine Club.  Becky has always had a penchant for style and shine, earning her Bachelors of Art from Towson University.  Becky’s first memory is trashing a gaudy stuffed bunny, simply because the color of the fur and the bow were too “matchy, matchy.”  And to boot, she totally bypassed the crimped hair and bedazzled trend of the 80’s, despite what her friends thought. Truly one of a kind, Becky treasures the details, from hand-written thank-you notes to the perfect polish on her piggies. Life is messy, especially with four kids, a dog, and a tech-genius husband, but Becky manages to stay polished even in life’s most unpolished moments. Think Gwenyth, subtract the “conscious uncoupling” add a shot of tequila with a lime.


Meredith Tulley is Creative Director of High Shine Club and our modern day Goldie Hawn.  With a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design and 11 years of design experience under her belt shes SO obsessed with being creative.  Her other half “Kurt Russell” and two young daughters get sucked into the creative path over and over, usually not by choice.  If she wasn’t keeping the family on point and designing,  she would be a pilot of a stealth bomber or a professional surfer…a VS model is too far fetched.  When shes not obsessing over details, you can find her at the beach, on her bike or sitting in her favorite chair pumping for her baby girl-her favorite way to multitask.